Helping Hopedale

As we begin a new program year at Hopedale, many of us are returning from summer breaks and renewing the routine of the school year. At this time, I feel called to help us renew our commitments to the everyday routine things that help keep the Hopedale community vibrant and welcoming.

There are three routine but vital roles that we need to fill every week at Hopedale: Greeter, Hospitality Host or Hostess, and Cleaner. The Greeter is responsible for welcoming everyone into community, the Hospitality Host or Hostess is responsible for the Social Hour, and the Cleaner is responsible for providing a clean and pleasant space for the week’s activities. I believe that these roles deserve more thought and care than can always be given if they are filled at the last minute. I also believe that our community values each member too highly to let any one or two sets of shoulders carry these responsibilities alone. Therefore, I am volunteering to coordinate the community schedules for these roles.

The good news is that with our current membership numbers, and every Member filling one of these roles just three times a year, we have more than enough help. I know we have several Friends willing to help as well, so the load will be even lighter than that. Detailed task descriptions for each role are available with the sign-up sheets in the kitchen. I am also happy to forward them to you or discuss the tasks. Please contact me as soon as you know which three weeks you’d like to contribute, and which task you’d like to do each time.

You can call me at (513) 593-3275 (please note new phone number), email at, send me a message on Facebook, or simply sign up on the sheets at Hopedale. The schedule is blank right now so you can get your first picks! The earlier dates are of course more pressing, but you are welcome to commit to any date in the 2011-2012 program year. I look forward to hearing from each Member soon, and to a great year at Hopedale! -Genevieve O’Malley Knight, Member of Hopedale Membership Task Force.