Sunday Service January 22

“Lessons from the Struggle for Civil Rights: Movement and Change for Immigrant Rights in the 21st Century” Although there are definite parallels between these two movements for human rights, there are key differences that must be addressed if the immigrant right’s movement is to move forward. Guest Shelly Jarrett Bromberg is an associate professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Miami University.  Her work with Latino immigrants stretches back 25 years first as a member of the Sanctuary movement in Denver, Colorado and then as the coordinator of a program for 500 immigrants seeking permanent residency under the 1986 IRCA (Immigration Reform and Control Act) in Austin, Texas.  Her current research involves both public and traditional scholarship on Latino immigration and US/Latin American relations. Liz Woedl will be the service leader. The UU Council of Greater Cincinnati is planning a conference and other activities about Immigration on the March 3/4 weekend.