Ordination of Bruce Beisner

On Saturday, June 9, 2012, approximately 22 people from Hopedale witnessed Bruce Beisner’s ordination at St. John’s in Cincinnati along with many, many other Cinicinnati area UUs and others, including his parents and brother. Bruce was our student minister, 2021 – 2012.

It was a wonderful service!  The readings, messages, music and energy combined to make it a very special ceremony. Our congregation president Celia Knight  joined representatives of the three other area UU congregations with whom Bruce has had a relationship.

Representative of each one of of the congregations presented him with a stole and said a few words.  Our stole was designed and stitched by Liz Woedl – a green, earthy batik, with a few turtles romping about. Our wish to Bruce upon his ordination:


HUUC also provided a delicious punch for the reception and that contribution was organized by Linda Amspaugh and mixed and served by Jane Flueckiger, Susan Thrasher and Patty Klingenberg.

Bruce was recently hired as the settled minister at the Bay Area UU Church in Houston, Texas: www.bauuc.org. He will be leading a congregation with 293 members and 100 children.