Sunday Service, February 1- “Circle Worship: Standing on the Side of Love.”

2015 marks the sixth anniversary of the UUA campaign dedicated to faith in action in support of migrant justice, marriage equality, an end to anti-Muslim bigotry, and inclusion for all people.  In 2014, Standing on the Side of Love allied strongly with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement—to begin Black History Month, we will chronicle some of these actions.  Cultural critic Cornel West suggests that “Justice is what love looks like in public.”  Circle Worship questions:  How do you Stand on the Side of Love in your daily life?  What could Hopedale do to more actively Stand on the Side of Love?  Service Leader:  Ann Fuehrer.  RE:  Activity day!  We will be making bird feeders for the Hopedale grounds.

Second Sunday collection on February 8 will go to the UUA’s Standing on the Side of Love initiative, in support of their alliance with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.