Service, Sunday April 5 – A Circle Worship “Consider Your Resurrections”

A Circle Worship

“Consider Your Resurrections”

Resurrection is a process preceded by death of some sort.  Yet dying happens also in ways not  physical:  as in losing a profession or a long-held job; having a painful divorce; questioning one’s religion as no longer enriching; emotional pain becomes intolerable; recognizing effects of one’s low self-esteem, etc.  We all experience resurrection at various times, as do all parts of nature.  This Easter we will mull over these queries:

1) When part of your life died, how did you resurrect?

2) When have you died, yet rose again in a new way?

3) What have you learned from your dying and  resurrecting?

The “Haikus of Resurrection” below can help prepare us

for this service:


Sun invites brightly

In earth each seed dies alone,

Smilingly reborn.


New resurrection?

Not very flabbergasting.

Happens ev’ry spring.


Does caterpillar

Die when butterfly unfolds?

Such change grooming birth!


I’ve died many times.

Needed metamorphoses.

Next resurrection…?


It’s said Jesus did.

He had nothing over us.

We all resurrect.


Body dead or not,

Imagination holds Him.

That too’s a rising.