November 1: Sunday Service, November 1: Voting Rights and Wrongs 2015”

As Ohio becomes ground zero in another Presidential election, the March 15 primary and July 18 Republican Convention in Cleveland will draw national attention. Remarkably, the state parties agreed on a bi-partisan November 3 referendum on redistricting to remedy gerrymandering, and a lawsuit preserved early voting.  Republicans continue to promote changes that Democrats regard as voter suppression.   Many Ohio UUs support the Move to Amend the U.S. Constitution denying personhood to for-profit corporations and ending first Amendment protection for campaign expenditures.  Howard Tolley, Executive Director UU Justice Ohio, will join us to discuss how UU Justice Ohio can promote fair elections and use of the democratic process.  Service Leader:  Susan Thrasher. Stick around for a POTLUCK discussion with Howard Tolley after Sunday Service.  Please bring items to share.