Sunday Service, January 3 January 3: “Longing for a Super Savior, or What To Do Until the Messiah Shows Up.”

Donne Hayden, newly retired minister of the Cincinnati Friends, joins us to speak about longing for a super hero. She says, “wouldn’t it be great if someone could stop the         madness—stop the sequence of wars we find ourselves stomping into in the Middle East; stop the brutality of our police forces and the violence of our citizens; stop pervasive     injustice and inequity in our system of government; stop the hate and fear that create     terrorists; reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet’s resources. I confess, I am     attracted to the kind of magical thinking that someone good and just could swoop in and fix things. . . in the meantime, though, what can we do?” Service leader: Patty Klingenberg.