Sunday Service: “Exploring Cincinnati’s Forgotten Religious Landscape.”

Join Dr. Matthew Smith (Miami University Hamilton), author of The Spires Still Point to Heaven: Cincinnati’s Religious Landscape, 1788-1873, for an illustrated tour of the forgotten Queen City. Discover how immigrants made Cincinnati the sixth-largest city in America by the eve of the Civil War, how Cincinnati earned its nickname Porkopolis, how religion shaped civic … Continued

Sunday Service: “Nature Is Enough”

Continuing our exploration of UU sources, the Reverend Alix Klingenberg will help us trace the connections between our origins in Transcendentalism and today’s religious naturalism, with a nod to pagan traditions surrounding the spring equinox. Spring is just around the corner, so come get ready. Rev Alix will join us via the magic of Zoom. … Continued

Sunday Service: “A Little History”

“A Little History: The Unitarian Universalist Flaming Chalice and the Hopedale Community’s Mission Statement and Covenant.” Presenter and service leader: Celia Ellison. Please note that Hopedale will be celebrating its 33 rd birthday with a birthday party social hour. Please come! Children’s RE: Class from 9:30 – 10:15 a.m., then they will join their families … Continued

Sunday Service: “Searching for Humanism: Then and Now”

Join Terry Perlin, Miami Professor Emeritus and former member of Hopedale to explore one of our sources. Humanism – the theory that humans are the true source of values and morality – has roots in Ancient and Renaissance teachings. It is alive today and includes the spread of a “religion of Ethics.” Service leader: Celia … Continued

Sunday Service: “Luminesence: A Holiday UUs Can Call Their Own”

UUs celebrate and/or recognize several religious holidays from other faith traditions. On this Sunday we will celebrate Luminesence, a UU holiday which represents the light we generate as members of the UU faith. For the past two years we have celebrated this candle-lighting service only on Zoom. Please join us in person as we have … Continued

Sunday Service: “Your Money and Your Life:  Reflections on Our Gifts” 

Come join Diane Wright as we reflect on a larger understanding of our assets, liabilities, and the meaning behind our choices to save and to share.  Service leader:  Libby Earle.  Children’s RE:  Class from 9:30 – 10:15 a.m., then they will join their families for the service.

Sunday Service: “This I Believe.” 

As Unitarian Universalists we affirm and promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning; thus, we do not always believe the same things as one another, even as we worship together. Join service leader Jennifer Blue as we hear from four of our congregants, ages 17 to 92, about their personal religious beliefs.  … Continued