SJ Sunday: The Matrix of Emotional Healing, Carolyn Forrester and Nancy Stella


Sunday, June 24- Carolyn Forrester and Nancy Stella on The Matrix of Emotional Healing. Hosted by the Social Justice Committee, HUUC.

Join us at Hopedale Unitarian Universalist Community, for these experiences of inspiration:

  • At 10:00 am, Genevieve O’Malley Knight will host screening of the Sunday morning worship service broadcast from General Assembly, the UUA’s annual meeting.  That meeting is taking place in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • At noon, we will gather for refreshments. 
  •  At 12:30, a friend of Hopedale, Carolyn Forrester, and her colleague, Nancy Stella, will introduce us to The Matrix.  The Matrix is a one-of-a kind emotional healing tool that has been validated by modern psychological science.  Highly credentialed doctors of psychology and life coaches have based their healing practices on the Matrix’s methodology.  It is used by businesses to add clarity to human relations between staff and with clients.  It is used by teachers to manage and understand their students.  Novelists frame the emotions of characters in their books with the Matrix.  Adventurers and explorers use it to trustingly spur themselves forward, into the unknown.  The Matrix is a game-changer, for both the individual and society.  It heals the individual and transforms perception, enlightening the way out of the ego-filled paradigm of Hate and into the soul filled paradigm of Love.  It builds the emotional resilience it takes to truly thrive in life.