Sunday Hybrid Service: “The Power of the Pause: Using Mindfulness to Navigate Life Decisions” with Terri Messman. 

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to be in the “here and now,” but is that all? Actually, it is just the beginning. Our capacity to focus our attention, and to notice our thoughts in a nonjudgmental and curious manner, allows us to respond rather than react. Mindfulness creates the space for us to pause and reflect to make intentional decisions rather than react impulsively to present circumstances. Mindfulness also contextualizes the present moment within the past and the future so that we can examine where we’ve been and where we want to go. Nonreactivity, or the ability to pause in the present moment, clarifies our goals and values, thus improving decisions. Increased awareness of discomfort or pain related to the dissonance among our thoughts, feelings, and values can motivate our desire for change. Mindfulness increases our awareness of our discomfort, signaling that a decision should or could be made so to enhance the congruence between our decisions and our fundamental values.   Service leader:  Ann Elizabeth Armstrong.  RE: Activities