Sunday Service-Caring for the Land so the Land Will Care for Us: What You Should Know about the Three Valley Conservation Trust

This illustrated presentation will briefly discuss some of the origins of a land conservation ethic in the United States, especially in the Midwest and Cincinnati area, and how a group of concerned Miami professors in the early 1990s banded together to establish the area’s first land trust. Re-named in 2001, the Three Valley Conservation Trust’s Mission today is to conserve natural habitats, waterways and agricultural lands in Southwestern Ohio, for the benefit of present and future generations, through partnerships with people and communities.  The Core Values, Goals and Vision of the Trust will be briefly highlighted, along with selected examples of key projects and conservation easements. The importance of the Trust’s Mission to the overall quality of all biotic life and our need to be supporters of the Trust’s Mission will conclude the presentation.
Steve Gordon is a subcontractor for the Three Valley Trust and a former board member. Service leader:  Genevieve O’Malley Knight.