Sunday Service: White Supremacy Teach-In 2

Unitarian Universalists are responding with love and resistance to overt white supremacists in Charlottesville and across the country. This past April, May, and June, 682 of the 1,038 UU congregations– and 32 UU communities– held UU White Supremacy Teach-ins.  Through public witness, education, and introspection, our faith is coming to understand that fighting white supremacy means both resisting its most blatant forms “out there,” and disrupting its systemic manifestations within.

The Teach-In team again calls our siblings in faith to action to continue the work of growth and learning. On Sunday, October 22nd , we will join together with UU communities nationwide
in Part Two of the UU White Supremacy Teach-in. Our power and reach are magnified when we come together.

Combating overt white supremacy and white supremacy culture is a theological endeavor for our faith– from the top of the UUA, to each individual in every congregation and community. We treat it as such– -and on October 22nd, and every day between now and then, we call on you to join us.  Service leader:  Genevieve O’Malley Knight, Hopedale’s Co-ordinator for Religious Education.