Sunday ZOOM Service: “Reflections of the Trial of Heather Cho.” 

December 5th marks the seventh anniversary of the incident called “Nutgate” by the media.  On this date in 2014, the Vice President of Korean Airlines, Heather Cho, demanded that the plane return to the gate at Kennedy Airport after the airline attendant served her nuts still in the bag and not on a plate.  The incident became violent.  Join Diane Wright as we consider our UU principles and the increase in “air rage” incidents, and what it says about our culture.  We’ll consider our own role when tensions escalate, on airplanes or elsewhere. Service Leader: Celia Ellison. This will be the first effort to offer Sunday services as multiplatform options (both in person and via Zoom). A small number of people will be invited for this initial trial of “Zooming from church.”