Sunday Zoom Service – “Confronting Climate:  From Facts to Empathy to Action.” 

Dr. Lindsey Rustad is a botanist and forester who will be joining us from Maine. An expert in extreme weather and climate change, she will engage us in what is the single greatest environmental threat facing the planet today. “Scientists, like myself, live in the realm of facts and knowledge, but it is the arts and humanities that create empathy from that knowledge, and it is empathy that creates action. In order to solve climate change, we need everyone on board, including scientists, engineers, policy makers, artists and every-day citizens of all kinds.  We can mitigate and adapt to our changing climate, but we have to do it together!” Service leader: Patty Klingenberg.  Note:  Our speaker hopes for a very interactive discussion with us.  If possible, please view the videos at these links prior to this service.

These should be especially interesting to young people!!

  1. The story of her experiment (with 9-14 year olds) to create an artificial ice storm and the unexpected ending. Exploring by the Seat of your Pants.

Lindsey Rusted | Research Ecologist with USDA Forest Service – YouTube

  1. Her talk for the Women Blaze Trails Festival from Feb 14.

Lindsey Rustad | Reflections on Navigating a Career in Environmental Science – YouTube

  1. Her cartoon for Curiosity Camp Goldieblox

Lindsey Rustad | Save Animals from Pollution with USDA Ecologist – YouTube

See more about the speaker in Environmental Corner, elsewhere in this newsletter.