Ohio Justice and Policy Center

J. “Yaacov” Delaney will present information about the mission of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center in Cincinnati.  The goal of the OJPC is to create fair, intelligent, redemptive criminal-justice systems through zealous client-centered advocacy, innovative policy reform, and cross-sector community education.  OJPC leads in serving the needs of people directly affected by the criminal justice … Continued

Honoring Labor Day

The guest speaker will be Mary Harris Jones. Join Mother Jones as she shares her experience as a union activist and speaks in the courtyard of Charlestown, West Virginia to the striking miners of Paint Creek and Cabin Creek. Ponder what message Mother Jones would give today. Service Leaders: Libby Earle and Russ VieBrooks.

Oxford’s Police-Community Relations and Review Committee

Pat Meade will give a brief history of how the commission came to be. He will talk about why Oxford needs a commission like this, and provide information on what the commission has done so far. He will present our responsibilities as citizens to be an active part of solutions that help establish justice and … Continued

Continuing our Alliance-Building Work

On June 12, we hosted 28 people at Hopedale for an Alliance-Building workshop, facilitated by Busi Diamini. We will continue the conversation to plan the work of the Social Justice Committee for the near future. Service Leader: Ann Fuehrer.

Wonders of the Earth

On September 24, we will be heading to Ohio State University to participate in the Ohio Interfaith Power and Light Earthkeeping Summit, celebrating the wonders of the earth. Libby Earle will help us construct a fabric panel to display at that gathering. This is an intergenerational service. Service leader: Ann Fuehrer.

Democracy Works

Join us first at 11:30 a.m. for a lunch (which we will provide) followed by a workshop from 12:30-2:30 p.m. We will welcome Busi Diamini, a cofounding member of Democracy Works in South Africa. Busi is currently a research fellow at the Kettering Foundation in Dayton. She will facilitate an alliance-building workshop, focused on addressing … Continued