Sunday Service: “Flower Communion”

We will celebrate this intergenerational and unique UU ritual along with congregations around the country. Designed during the lead-up to World War II, the flower communion is an expression of the worth of human life in all its diversity. Of course it is also a celebration of spring, and it marks the end of our … Continued

Sunday Service: “RE Recognition”

This service will recognize the participation of our Hopedale kids in the Religious Education program and hear about what they have learned and done this year. Service Leader and Presenters:  RE Committee and Hopedale kids Children’s RE:  Intergenerational.  POTLUCK following the service.

Sunday Service: “Maternal Thinking”

All of us have in common our status as children of a human mother. In a Mother’s Day celebration of maternity and humanity we will take a humorous look at current attitudes toward mothering derived from popular culture, and then seek a wider understanding of nurturing practices of significance to everyone, whether biological mothers or … Continued