Sunday Service:  “Visual Arts as a Spiritual Practice”

Join Kathleen Carels and others from our community who will say a few words about their creative process and share examples of things designed and created by them.  Our worship space will be filled with the creative spirits of many among us.  Service Leaders:  Kathleen Carels. Children’s RE: Class Day during the service After the … Continued

Sunday Service: “Considering the Legacy of John Roberts”

February 25 is the Episcopal Feast Day of the Missionary John Roberts. Roberts was born in England and made his way to the Bahamas, and then to Wyoming, where he worked with the Arapahoe and the Shoshone tribes for 66 years. Join Diane Wright as we consider the different lenses through which we can view … Continued

Sunday Service: “Marie Kondo Revisited”

As the earth sleeps in winter dormancy, it has traditionally been a time for adjusting life’s balance whether with fasting (Lent, Ramadan) or spring cleaning. What do we need to change? What are we putting off? What can be let go? What do we need to learn? We come together in community to share these … Continued